Boy meets Girl

Short drama I directed while studying filmmaking. It’s a story about Lenny and the idea is based around our need to connect and form meaningful relationship, something Lenny struggles with throughout the film. Loneliness is an experience shared by everyone and I think we can all relate to the story.

Met Film School, June 2017.

Tony and Gibbs

Short documentary about guide dogs and their owners. The main focus is on Tony and his dog Gibbs and beautiful, deep connection between them and also informative part about training centres for guide dogs.

Met Film School, May 2017.

Awareness campaign

Awareness campaign directed by Lisa Morgenthau, I worked on the project as producer and focus puller. People at all ages need connections that matters, but there are half a million people in UK that go all day everyday without speaking to anyone.

Met Film School, August 2017.